Grow revenue and profit by offering your clients

WageScape Data

Help your clients get instant access to the comprehensive, real-time pay data they need to keep up with the evolving talent market. WageScape shows users what’s happening with wages right now – for any job, in any location. Get better value and higher revenue by offering WageScape from your consultancy.

New Revenue Opportunities
Allow new types of consulting projects to meet emerging market and pay analysis needs.

Lower Delivery Costs
Designed to easily answer needs that previously required extensive time and expertise, lowering cost of delivery.

More Value to Clients
Improved responsiveness providing more opportunities to build stronger relationships.

Use Case Examples

  • Compensation Management and Pay Analysis
  • Recruiting Strategy
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Data-driven Content Marketing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Economic Trend Analysis
  • Skills Analysis
  • And More…