Global Data Explorer Pricing

Only pay for the data you need, it’s that simple.

Create custom searches and export based on your needs

Global Data Explorer

WageScape Global Data Explorer enables users to search the full dataset with specific field parameters. Searches can be saved and scheduled based on business needs. The subscription plans are consumption based so you only pay for the data you need. Now you can find and download the data you need for your use in your own applications and reports.

All data is real-time, transparent and is updated daily, giving your team access to real-time insights. Since data is obtained from public-facing sources, it is fully transparent with no masking or aggregation.

Build your own labor market intelligence where the data can easily be plugged into your web applications. With billions of data points at your fingertips, it’s easy to get exactly the data you need, when you need it.


1,000 Credits 5,000 Credits 25,000 Credits
Search Parameters
    Post Date
    Job Type (Part Time/Full Time)
    Job Title
   Stock Ticker
   Location (State, City, Zip)
   NAICS Code
   SIC Code
   Job Family
   Job Sub Family
   Published Salary (min/max)
   Keyword Search
Additional Data Extract Attributes  
   Job Description
   Job URL
   Apply Now URL
   Removed Date
   Education Requirement
   (Entry, Intermediate, Senior)
   (Min/Max number of years)
   Posted Salary
   (High,Low, Mid, Confidence Level)
   Job Board Salary Estimate
   (High,Low, Mid, Confidence Level)
   Modeled Salary
   (High,Low, Mid, Confidence Level)
   Discovered Salary
   (High,Low, Mid, Confidence Level)