Where does the data come from?

WageScape provides compensation professionals with a new data solution rooted in pay transparency. Our up-to-date job market insights are sourced from millions of sources across the web. WageScape adds 24.5 million publicly available job postings with employer reported salary ranges every month. By scanning the internet and aggregating information from publicly available job listings, we compile a vast dataset that represents the entire job market. 

How accurate is the data and how is it validated?

We utilize several methodologies to validate the data and remove jobs that are outliers, inaccurate postings, duplicates and jobs with estimated pay ranges. WageScape data comes straight from the source, so it is as accurate as the data advertised by employers and you can review each data point exactly as it was originally posted.  

What sources does WageScape pull data from?

WageScape utilizes data from publicly available sources across the web, including aggregated job boards.  

How big is the data set?

WageScape offers the most extensive, real-time labor market data set, tracking over 24.5 million new jobs each month, across all industries. This covers pay data for over 80% of job listings with insights such as hiring demand, pay levels, access to labor and key skills requirements for over 9.8 million organizations and counting.

Is WageScape a salary survey?

WageScape is not a salary survey, nor do we suggest it replace your salary surveys. Salary surveys are carefully developed data sources that are critical for all compensation professionals. However, surveys are limited, to be at least 90 days old, anonymous and managed by a third party. WageScape provides real-time data. 

Does WageScape have every job posting?

WageScape is made up of millions of individual data points and adds over 24.5 millions jobs each month. That’s more job data salary surveys have, however the data in WageScape still remains a sample of the market, and not every job posting is going to be captured by, for a variety of reasons ranging from quality checks to data collection processes we employ.

How do we clean the WageScape data?

After scanning the internet, aggregating information from publicly available job listings and compiling a vast dataset that represents the entire job market, we employ patented AI technology to normalize the collected data, ensuring standardized and consistent information. Our advanced AI algorithms facilitate a normalization process to examine the data, extracting valuable trends and patterns that inform strategic decision-making, ultimately, enabling us to generate world-class analysis and insights. 

How often is WageScape updated?

We update our dataset on a daily basis, implementing a day lag for processing and troubleshooting. This regular update cycle allows us to capture the dynamic nature of the job market, ensuring that our users have access to the most current and reliable information available.