Data Platform

The world’s largest labor market data set

Endless possibilities

All the economic and workforce data you need. Application developers, analysts, and consultants all use WageScape’s robust datasets to fuel their analytics tools. Focus on crafting solutions without the time-consuming work of data mining.

WageScape offers the world’s most extensive labor market data set. Composed of millions of sources, including corporate and individual indicators. All integrated into a single dataset. Updated daily and always ethically sourced. Normalized using patented AI technology to fuel world-class analysis and insights.

Simple to incorporate into your environment. We provide data in a format that is best suited for your application or service requirements. Immediate access during development allows you to test using live data.

Data Acquisition

  • Over 4 million hiring organizations
  • Over 600 million individual work histories
  • Over 5 million new jobs each month
  • Pay data for 80 percent of job listings
  • Advanced text data sourcing
  • AI-powered deduplication and enrichment

Integration and Normalization

  • Title and company normalization
  • Location parsing
  • Tickerization and identification
  • Dynamic job attribute identification
  • Listing duration tracking

Data Publishing

  • Transaction-level transparency
  • Easy delivery
  • API library (in beta)
  • Daily or weekly updates
  • No PII or MNPI