Want to learn more about what we offer? We provide the most up-to-date labor market data collection for developers, analysts, consulting firms, and more.  Our mission is to make the labor market more transparent, opening the doors to tremendous efficiencies and world-changing innovation. We believe that your time is better spent creating solutions, not collecting data. So step out from the grind of data mining and focus on innovation and insights.

Business & Economic Forecasting

Stay ahead of market events and quickly identify opportunities and risks. Access to unmatched labor market intelligence (LMI) data that allows you to forecast trends and market disruption before the competition. Turn data into dollars with access to over a million global micro and macroeconomic indicators.

Compensation Analysis

Compensation is a major factor in talent acquisition. To stay competitive and make the most educated decisions, you require relevant and accurate data. Our vast LMI data warehouse gives you the power to track exacting compensation analytics without the tedium of mining data on your own.

Talent Recruiting

According to a CEB Analytics study, solid HR analytics can improve talent outcomes by 12%. If “out of the box” software isn’t getting the job done, then it’s time to build a better mousetrap. Tap into the world’s largest labor market data set and get the insights you need to compete in today’s global hiring market.

Workforce Analytics

Next-generation labor market data is becoming a must-have for savvy workforce analytics teams. Most workforce analytics efforts rely heavily on internal employee data, while external market data is limited to government census and survey-based data sources.  Modern developments have created an opportunity for novel and comprehensive external market datasets that significantly increase market insights and improve the value of your Workforce Analytics capabilities.

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