Experts are predicting that if companies fail to utilize generative AI solutions within the next 1-2 years, HR teams will fall behind compared to competitors that do. It is imperative for HR leaders to evaluate HR technology trends to help them decide whether or not AI solutions are effective for their organization. There is a lot of fear and pushback from workers and their employers on whether or not AI is a useful tool. 

There is a lot of fear that AI will replace employees, but experts believe it will only boost employee proficiency. AI is to be used as a tool rather than a replacement for a real worker. AI can assist in delegating tasks, answering questions, or come up with logical solutions.

In the world of HR, leaders are holding back on implementing AI due to bias and ethical concerns. When your job is about assisting and protecting your employees, throwing AI into the mix can cause some pushback with concerns to data privacy. Despite these concerns, AI is still growing exponentially, and it is predicted that within 2 years nearly half or more HR teams will be using some form of AI to assist in their daily tasks. 

AI can be a useful technology. It is important to learn about the different kinds of AI available and how it can be of use to your team. AI can help to relieve any issues with daily functions to help better perform tasks more efficiently. 

According to Gartner “HR leaders should take into consideration governance, workforce readiness, risks and ethics, and the vendor landscape [when considering AI.]” Every company will have different needs and goals to be met, so it is important to sit down and see where AI can be of use to your team. 

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