Greenwich.HR is pleased to announce the launch of WageScape, a new interactive compensation dashboard powered by our comprehensive labor market data set. WageScape offers next-generation compensation intelligence designed to provide the insights needed in today’s fast-moving, hyper-competitive talent market. WageScape helps users see what’s coming on the horizon for pay trends and labor market intelligence in easy-to-use data visualizations. 

WageScape shows users what’s happening with wages right now – for any job, in any location with data for 80% of all new jobs posted in the U.S. from 5.1 million hiring organizations. This intelligence is critical for attracting and retaining talent and for setting strategies for recruiting, pay, and growth.

WageScape offers pay intelligence that’s forward-looking, so you see where pay is going – not just where it’s been. And, its easy-to-use interface allows you to start gaining insights in minutes.

Plus, because WageScape uses data from public-facing sources, it’s completely transparent. This means users can see data on individual jobs and companies with no lag time.

About Greenwich.HR

Greenwich.HR is the most trusted source of labor market intelligence and offers the world’s most extensive, real-time labor market data set, tracking over 24 million new jobs each month, across all industries. This includes data on hiring demand, pay levels, access to labor and key skills requirements for over 9.8 million organizations and counting. Contact us today to learn more.