When seeking the right candidate to fill a client’s open role, it is important to understand all aspects of the market you are recruiting for. Knowing salary trends and job demand in specific markets and locations are key to assuring your client that you will be able to keep up with the competition and find the best talent. WageScape has the next-level tool to help, Market Snapshots, these are easy-to-use reports that can help any recruiter find the data they need to make informed decisions on behalf of their client during the recruiting process. 

What are Market Snapshots?

Market Snapshots are snippets of data for salary trends and job demand. You can filter a Market Snapshot by job title and state to compare a 3-month running average of the entire nation vs. a specific state, for both salary trends and job demand. WageScape’s full dataset utilizes over 600 million distinct job postings for high precision real time job market analyses. All data is collected from publicly available sources and leverages WageScape’s next generation PrecisionPay technology and wage transparency legislation to provide users with accurate, current, and legal job posting information.

What are Salary Trends?

Market Snapshots of salary trends show the median salary over 3 months advertised in a specific job family both nationwide and by state. This is a great tool to utilize when creating a job description to stay competitive in the current market and also to attract the right candidates to an open position. With knowledge of salary trends you can help your client better understand the current market, so they can effectively negotiate salary when they are ready to bring on a new employee. 

What is Job Demand?

Market Snapshots of job demand show the average monthly number of job listings over the last three months for specific jobs in specific markets both nationwide and by state. This is also an awesome tool to utilize to know how many other jobs are available in a current market, so your client can adjust their job listings to be more or less competitive. 

In short, Market Snapshots from WageScape allow you access to the latest labor market trends, so you can stay competitive and transparent on behalf of your clients, and find the perfect candidate for their open role. Market Snapshot reports are available to all WageScape users. WageScape offers the only source of next-generation compensation intelligence designed to provide the insights needed in today’s fast-moving, hyper-competitive talent market. To learn more about how you can access Market Snapshots, check out all WageScape has to offer here