Demand for future IT hiring in the US saw a 34 percent rise in May, according to labor market intelligence firm Greenwich.HR. This reverses a three-month declining trend, but listings for new IT jobs still remain well below their January levels.

The inventory of open IT positions for US employers also rose 4.8 percent in May compared to April levels, while median listing times dropped slightly from 33 days to 32 days. Median advertised salaries dropped slightly by 1.2 percent to $80.3 thousand.

Uptick In Job Demand Signals Improved Q3 IT Hiring Outlook

Nearly all of the top benchmark positions the Greenwich.HR tracks saw strong increases in listings (39 of 40).
The lag time between when a job is listed and when a new employee begins work is typically 45-60 days.  So May’s job listing figures suggest direct hiring for IT staff will be increasing through the start of Q3.

Companies Are Quickly Raising Pay For New Data Scientists, Senior Security Positions

Salaries for new IT positions have remained relatively flat through the first half of 2017, with a few notable exceptions. Data scientist and senior security roles are showing sharp increases in advertised pay levels, as competition for these scarce skills continues to heat up. Median advertised salaries for data scientists have risen at an annual rate of 37 percent since February, and for security architects and chief security officers the increase has been 18 percent.

Greenwich.HR’s May jobs figures are based on analysis of 39 thousand job listings for IT positions posted during May 2017, from 20.3 thousand companies. For more information and analysis, visit Greenwich.HR.