Key Takeaways:

  • Many businesses are looking to hire individuals to help them improve their leadership, benefits, and company morale.
  • The largest percentage of openings available now are primarily in corporate America.
  • Businesses are hoping to change for the better in order to attract more qualified candidates.

The labor market remains steady, introducing over 400,000 jobs to the market nearly every month in 2022. It is still a candidate’s market, and those in search of the perfect position have many to choose from. Check out the top 10 jobs hiring now below:

  1. Compliance Analyst 

According to our data, this job has seen over a 25% increase in hiring volume. Compliance       analysts help companies remain compliant with regulations, and help prepare for audits. 

  1. HR Communications Manager

With hiring volume still at a high, it is no surprise that HR managers are still in demand, and internal/employee communications are hot fields in this competitive job market. This position has had a 24% increase in hiring volume. 

  1. Financial Reporting Specialist

Financial reporting specialists go hand in hand with compliance analysts by performing audits on all financial statements, and balance sheets. This position has seen a 23% increase in hiring volume. 

  1. Director of Leadership Development

Companies are continuing to reevaluate how they can improve morale amongst staff, and one of the best places to start is by having great leadership. A director of leadership development plans and executes training programs to educate supervising staff and executives on how to be more effective leaders. This position has had a 22% increase in hiring volume.

  1. Business Process Analyst

This versatile role has seen a 20% increase in hiring volume. A business process analyst evaluates business problems and communicates across all teams how to solve issues and improve business performance and efficiency. 

  1. Benefit Specialist

With new company improvements and a competitive labor market comes reevaluation of benefit packages for current and future employees, making this role in demand with a 19% increase in hiring volume. A benefit specialist assists administration with all benefits and retirement programs including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and disability. 

  1. Operations Representative

Operations have taken off this year to keep up with the ongoing demands of the strained supply chain. Operations representative roles have had a 17% increase in hiring volume. Operations representatives assist operations managers with transactions, inquiries, and customer correspondence.

  1. Change Management Specialist 

Change in company culture seems to be an ongoing theme as employers make the effort to provide a better work environment for their employees. Change management specialists help businesses plan and execute new organizational procedures. This role has seen a 16% increase in hiring volume. 

  1. Digital Sales Director

This position has had a 15% increase in hiring volume. A digital sales director manages the digital sales process via a company’s online sales platforms including digital marketing and sales databases, email, social media, e-commerce, and online advertising campaigns. 

  1. Training Coordinator

A training coordinator is responsible for identifying and developing training needs, and conducting all training programs for teams and associates. This job has seen a 14% increase in hiring volume. 

Many organizations are ready to hire now, and find the right fit and fill their open vacancies. Do you know what roles your competitors are filling and what they are paying for top skills? You might need future-looking pay benchmarking data that can help you predict the future of pay and level of demand for top roles. 

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