Key Takeaways:

  • The most in demand jobs currently are in the restaurant and hospitality industries, with nearly a 100%-700% increase in listings overall.
  • Experience required for the jobs that are hiring now range from little to no experience to a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. 
  • The state of the economy has had a major effect on what jobs are in demand.

Unemployment rates are plummeting to the lowest they have been since 1970, as Americans are returning to the workforce, and making changes in their careers post-pandemic. Hiring organizations are desperately trying to keep up with new and growing business, and fill roles to keep up with supply and demand. With “Now Hiring” signs in nearly every storefront window in America, it can be overwhelming as a job seeker or hiring team to know what jobs are most in demand. Using our extensive data, we have put together a comprehensive list of the Top 10 Hottest Jobs in the U.S. that have recently seen a dramatic uptick in job listings. 

  1. Restaurant Manager

Restaurants are seeing a spike in demand as patrons return in full force to their favorite local eateries. Unfortunately, restaurants all over the country have been short-staffed, with roles open management – creating longer wait times for customers. So, it comes as no surprise that Restaurant Manager is the most in demand job now in the U.S., with over a 700% increase in job listings since January 2022, according to our data. 

  1. Talent Analysts

As businesses try to keep up with hiring new employees the demand for Talent Analysts is also growing. Talent Analysts handle the day to day talent operations such as responding to employee questions and concerns, representing the employer brand, maintaining and updating internal company websites, and ensuring a positive candidate experience ( In January 2022, the demand for Talent Analysts increased by a little over 100%.

  1. Room Service Shift Supervisor

Not only are Americans dining out more than ever, travel is returning to normal pre-pandemic levels. After almost two years of travel restrictions, people are eager to escape their day-to-day lives for vacation destinations or get back to important business travel. According to a recent study by the U.S. Travel Association, travel spending tallied at nearly $92 billion in December of 2021. With travel in demand, room service shift supervisors are also in demand with a 100% increase in job listings in the U.S. Other parts of the hospitality industry also continue to grow with more job listings that require little to no experience.

  1. Sales and Marketing Associates 

As businesses see demand increase, organizations are also seeking sales and marketing associates to position and sell their goods and services. Those who are seeking these positions should have a lot of roles to choose from, since there has been an 85% increase in job listings for these positions. 

  1. IT Director

Tech is a continually growing field as technology becomes an ever more important part of daily life. According to our data the demand for IT Directors has increased by 49%. If you have the right skillset, stamina, and years of experience to become an IT Director, companies all over the U.S. (especially in Silicon Valley) are looking for you. 

  1. Landscaper

Americans spent nearly $600 billion on home improvement projects in 2021 ( With spring right around the corner, homeowners are looking to put time and money into making the outsides of their homes reflect the insides, increasing demand for landscaping jobs. We have seen a 44% increase in landscaping jobs all over the U.S.

  1. Pricing Specialist

With inflation numbers on the rise it is important that companies have the right personnel in place to keep up with rising prices for goods and services. Jobs for pricing specialists have seen a 41% increase in the last month. If you love numbers and have at least 2 years of higher education, a pricing specialist position just might be a great fit. 

  1. Information Security Specialist

Our fast paced technology driven society has seen an exponential amount of growth in the field of Cybersecurity in the last decade. Information Security Specialists are highly trained and skilled members of an IT team that are responsible for all cybersecurity measures in place for a company. Recently, jobs for Information Security Specialists have increased by 39%.

  1. Graphic Designer

Companies with a full sales and marketing team, along with a creative team are nearly unstoppable in getting their message to the right customer at the right time. The need for graphic designers has jumped to 38% in the last month alone. If you have the right skillset and degree to match, there is probably the perfect creative role waiting for you. 

  1. Investment Analyst 

Considering the current state of the economy, it comes at no surprise to us to see that the need for Investment Analysts is on the rise. There has been an uptick in the need for Investment Analysts by 36%.

The demand for a variety of roles across various industries continues to change daily as companies strive to keep up with not only the current state of the economy, but also the current labor market. Many organizations are ready to hire now, and find the right fit and fill their open vacancies. Are you hiring for any of the top 10 hottest jobs in the U.S.? Do you know what roles your competitors are filling and what they are paying for top skills? You might need future-looking pay benchmarking data that can help you predict the future of pay and level of demand for top roles. 

Greenwich.HR has the real-time pay data you need to predict the future of pay and keep up with the competition in this hyper-competitive labor market. Want to learn more? Get in touch today!

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