Key Takeaways:
Communication and multi-tasking skills are in demand for many popular roles.
Jobs in the service industry are still very much in demand.
Having the right skillset will likely land you the role you are looking for.

Hiring now! The phrase posted in storefronts, in newspapers, and online has been a common sight since the beginning of 2021. The labor market is still trying to recover from the aftermath of the pandemic and Great Resignation alike. Despite many job openings across the U.S. workers are frustrated with the ongoing struggle of actually landing a job. When applying for any position it is important to ensure you have the right skill set needed to fill the role. Learn more about the open positions that are in demand now, and the skills needed to land the role.

1. Truck Driver

With supply chain issues still affecting the whole country, truck drivers are more in demand than ever with a 29% increase in hiring volume. Some required skills to be a CDL truck driver include being 18 years of age to drive within state lines, 21 years to drive across state lines, obtain a class A or class B CDL license, proof of citizenship, complete a DOT physical, no outstanding suspensions on your license(s), and must pass a background check. Qualifications for a delivery driver must include a valid driver’s license or CDL license, ability to lift heavy cargo, clean driving record, and excellent time management skills.

2. Security Officer

Security officers have seen a 28% increase in hiring volume, making positions very in demand. Skills needed to be a security officer include good communications skills, knowledge of security operations and procedures, multitasking, lifting, physical fitness, and surveillance skills. Most security companies will put new hires through extensive training needed to execute the role.

3. Customer Service Manager

Customer services are always in demand, but as of recently has seen a 25% increase in hiring volume. Necessary skills needed to be in a customer service role include good communication, empathy, adaptability, speaking, persuasiveness, active listening, and technical knowledge. Previous customer service experience, working in any role that involves working directly with the public is helpful in landing a customer service role.

4. Nurse

Our healthcare system is still suffering from the aftershocks of the Covid-19 pandemic, with nursing shortages at an all time high. Currently, there is a 24% increase in hiring volume for nurses. Skills needed to be a nurse are a BSN, or RN degree, communication, confidence, teamwork, empathy, professionalism, attention to detail, and conflict resolution.

5. Line Cook

Restaurants all over the country continue to be short staffed which is why it comes at no surprise that line cooks are seeing a 23% increase in hiring volume. Line cooks must have a basic understanding of cooking skills, food safety, cleanliness, attention to detail, communication, multitasking, time management, and organization.

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*This article is based on month-over-month growth from the Greenwich.HR dataset as of October 2022.