If you are a people person and have strong social skills you might consider going into a career in HR. HR is one of the most in demand job markets as the labor market has continued to remain steady over the last year, hiring more employees than ever. Check out the top 5 roles in HR hiring now to find the perfect role that aligns with your professional background. 

  1. Recruiters

Recruiters are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees. Recruiters execute the entire hiring process from start to finish. Their success is determined by the number of positions filled each year, how long it takes to fill a role, and reasons why a potential applicant wasn’t hired. 

  1. Training and Development

Training and development teams provide new hires with the tools they need to be successful in their new role. These teams may be responsible for implementing instructional programs, employee orientation, and leadership programs. 

  1. HR Compliance 

Employment and labor laws can be difficult to navigate, which is why having a strong HR compliance team is crucial for all organizations. Employees on this team are responsible for monitoring all federal, state, and government labor laws. A compliance practitioner must fully understand the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Family Medical Leave Act along with dozens of other important rules and regulations. 

  1. Compensation and Benefits

Employees on this team evaluate pay benchmarking of competitors in order to build an appropriate and competitive pay structure for the company. Those in this role are also responsible for writing job descriptions, and working with the talent management team (or recruiters) to assist in finding the best talent.

  1. Workplace Safety

Under OSHA laws it is important that every company provide a safe working environment for its employees, and having a workplace safety team in place is imperative for an HR department. It is important that anyone on a workplace safety team develop and support safety training, maintaining federally mandated logs, and report all injuries and fatalities that happen on the job.

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*This article is based on month-over-month growth from the Greenwich.HR dataset as of October 2022.