Implementing Hr analytics into a hiring strategy can be a game changer for companies with steep market competition. Datasets on compensation, talent, and workforce trends allow hiring teams to seek out the best of the best in a specific industry. The real-time data also allows HR teams to adjust pay, benefits and job descriptions to not only attract future long-term employees, but also compete in today’s fast paced labor market. 

So, what is HR analytics?

Commonly known as people analytics, Hr analytics is a collection of data that helps improve talent and the future success of businesses. These data-driven insights allow HR leaders to make important decisions regarding the hiring process for all employees, and can help develop a positive workplace experience. 

What kind of data is important for HR analytics?

There are a variety of data platforms that allow you to view many different types of datasets to fit your needs as a hiring team. Some of the most common data HR leaders use are compensation data, talent data, economic data, and even identity trends about employees. Pay data is the most sought after dataset businesses use to help recruit new employees. 

Where can you find the best data to use for HR analytics?

At Greenwich. HR, we provide real-time robust datasets to help HR teams fuel their data analytics tools without the work of data mining. Greenwich.HR offers the world’s most extensive labor market data set. Composed of millions of sources, including corporate and individual indicators. Our newest tool WageScape, offers the only source of next-generation compensation intelligence designed to provide the insights needed in today’s fast-moving, hyper-competitive talent market. 

The main dashboard of WageScape allows you to get a comprehensive snapshot of the labor market or an individual job. You can filter the entire dataset to suit your needs with easy-to-use selection dropdowns allowing you to quickly see data that is relevant to your business.

Using HR data will not only help you find and retain employees, but also help you stand out amongst the competition. Learn more about WageScape and how you can use our comprehensive data to improve your business here.