When designing a new role for your company or for a client, it is important to have the right tools available to understand all the information needed to not only write the best job description, but also put together a competitive compensation and benefits package. With expert tools like Advanced Filtering from WageScape, you can have all the information that encompasses a specific role right at your fingertips to help you model and curate a job and find the right candidate. The Benefits Intelligence Dashboard can also be a helpful tool for researching benefits packages that will attract job seekers.

The Advanced Filtering Dashboard allows users to have more control over the types of jobs they are analyzing by including additional filters for company size, skills, certifications and other specific job attributes. Advanced Filtering allows users to create a job model with specific skills and education requirements and compare it against a timely, accurate labor market baseline.

With competition for talent more intense than ever, it’s critical to understand which benefits are being offered. The Benefits Intelligence Dashboard provides real-time insights into the types of benefits offered by any job, industry, and salary level. 

You can filter the entire dataset to suit your needs with easy-to-use selection dropdowns allowing you to quickly see data that is relevant to your business. Select specific job titles, job families or locations to get a quick comprehensive view of the emerging market pay trends and hiring organizations.

With these amazing tools you can get a leg up on the competition when creating open roles, and finding the right talent to fill them. Plus, dynamic filtering helps you drill down into the data even further by making it easy to select details or parameters from within the visualizations themselves. Learn more about these amazing tools and all WageScape has to offer by checking out one of our amazing subscription packages here .