Recruiting is an evolving craft among HR professionals. As the dynamic of the labor market and its workers are ever changing, recruiters are always coming up with new ways to attract and maintain talent. So what exactly is trending in the world of recruitment? Check out our list below to learn more about the strategies recruiters are using to fill open roles.  

Virtual Recruiting

Nearly 70% of companies have taken on virtual recruiting as their first step in the onboarding process. Many recruiters seek out their potential employees via the internet on job search sites, or message them on LinkedIn. From there they typically conduct a phone or video call to see if the potential candidate would be the right fit for the role. Then, interviews with the team are conducted via Zoom or Google Meet. This streamlined process has a lot of pros for recruiters and job seekers alike, but it does not afford either to get a close-up look at a company and its culture. But, this risk does not seem to outweigh the reward for all parties involved, meaning virtual recruiting is here to stay. 


AI is a hot topic all over the world, and its uses for recruitment are needed. AI can be used to source candidates, review resumes and book interviews. This takes a lot of busy work out of the recruiter’s schedules so they can focus more on the quality of their candidates rather than quantity. AI also had a promising role in removing biased or gendered  job descriptions which can greatly increase the likelihood of finding quality candidates. 

Predictive Analytics

In order to boost company activity it is the recruiter’s job to find the best candidate possible to fill an open role. Predictive analytics allows recruiters to use data like WageScape to help make more informed decisions. This data can help recruiters compare skills, pay, benefits, etc. This valuable data can make all the difference in finding the right candidate, in the right city, for the right role. 

Although the labor market is always changing, business and HR will always find a way to adapt. Whether recruiters are seeking candidates virtually, with the assistance of AI, or utilizing predictive analytics, finding the right candidate is becoming streamlined now more than ever. Take advantage of all WageScape’s predictive data has to offer for your recruitment strategies and visit us today!