Key Takeaways:

  • Remote work is still in demand by hiring organizations and candidates.
  • Many remote work positions pay more than non-remote work positions. 
  • Many remote roles require little to no experience and others require college degrees or specific skill sets.

Remote and hybrid work continues to be in-demand as workers seek more flexibility in their schedules and employers seek to cut costs. With so many remote and hybrid jobs in demand it is hard to know what positions truly “pay well” in the remote market and what skills are needed to find the perfect remote position. Check out our list below of salary trends for remote/hybrid positions and how you can land the perfect role for you. 


An animator produces multiple images, and when sequenced together create the illusion of movement, better known as an animation. Animators need to be extremely creative, experienced in graphic design and have great attention to detail. Although a degree isn’t necessarily required, a graphic design or art degree is preferred. This position is in-demand and salaries for this role are averaging $102,500 for remote positions and $62,750 for non-remote positions. Remote work is clearly the best way to make money in this field of work!

Brand Specialist 

A brand specialist is a member of a marketing team who specializes in managing a company’s brand. They often strategize promotional products and events and work with multiple teams to ensure that brand standards are being upheld in every facet of the business. Although not every brand specialist role requires a degree, having a marketing or communications degree will help get your foot in the door. Currently, remote brand specialists are making a median salary of $102,500 a year, whereas non-remote brand specialists are making $68,000 a year. 

Data Consultant

Data consultants design and analyze company data and develop action plans to assist in making strategic data-related decisions. This role does require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT management, or a similar field. The median salary for a remote data consultant is $100,500 and a non-remote salary is $85,001. 

Finance Associate 

A finance associate prepares and reviews financial information for clients or the company they work for. A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a similar field is required. A remote finance associate averages $102,500 a year and a non-remote finance associate averages $53,750. If you are in this field you can nearly double your salary by working remotely! 

Insurance Agent

Insurance agents sell insurance plans in which they help and oversee for their clients. Insurance agents typically require no college degree, but do require previous sales or customer service experience. Most agencies will train agents on their plans, company policies, and how to sell to potential clients. Currently, remote insurance agents are averaging $107,500 a year whereas non-remote agents are averaging $102,500 a year. 

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*This article is based on month-over-month growth from the Greenwich.HR dataset as of May 2022