Key Takeaways:

  • Hiring trends are strong for several healthcare roles.
  • There are a number of “desk jobs” in healthcare hiring now.
  • Most roles in healthcare hiring now require little to no expereince. 

Healthcare is one of the most in demand fields in today’s current labor market. As the emergency state of the pandemic comes to a close, hospitals and medical centers continue working hard to keep up with the demand of treating patients and are in search of the right candidates to fill their available roles. Learn more about the top 4 healthcare jobs hiring now below.

Wellness Specialist

According to our data, this position is in demand in the current market with a 4% increase in hiring volume. Wellness specialists can work in many settings including medical centers, gyms, spas, and community centers. These specialists perform general health screenings and assign an exercise/wellness program to assist their patients with their health needs. This role does typically require a certification.

Care Team Specialist 

In the medical field a care team specialist works as a liaison for patients to assist them with online payments, scheduling medication refills with their pharmacy, and scheduling deliveries from the pharmacy. This role has seen a 21% increase in hiring volume since March 2022. This role requires previous experience in customer service.

Health Information Specialist 

This important role assists physicians in day to day tasks such as retrieving records, notifying physicians of incomplete records, tracking physician’s daily visits, and providing billing/reimbursement information to physicians and their office staff. This job has seen a 24% increase in hiring volume and requires a high school diploma at minimum.

Healthcare Data Analyst

Healthcare data analysts interpret data from a variety of sources such as electronic health records, billing claims, cost reports, and patient satisfaction surveys. These skilled workers are needed for many major medical companies as there has been a 24% increase in hiring volume for this role. This role requires a bachelor’s degree.

The demand for various healthcare roles continues to increase monthly. Many organizations are ready to hire now and find the right fit and fill their open vacancies. Are you hiring for any of the top 4 roles in healthcare? Do you know what roles your competitors are filling and what they are paying for top skills? You might need future-looking pay data that can help you predict the future of pay and level of demand for top roles. 

Greenwich.HR has the real-time pay data you need to predict the future of pay and keep up with the competition in this hyper-competitive labor market. Want to learn more? Get in touch today!

*This article is based on month-over-month growth from the Greenwich.HR dataset as of March 2022