If working with numbers is a strength of yours, you might consider going into the finance market. Finance is one of the most in demand job markets all over the world. Check out the top 5 roles in finance hiring now to find the perfect role that aligns with your professional background. 


Auditors review all financial records and ensure that all records are correct. Other duties may include assessing accounting systems, analyzing business claims, consulting the company on how to reduce expenses. According to Indeed, this role has had a 7% increase in job growth this year.

Management Consultant

Management Consultants implement policies and procedures to help corporations expand profits and move up in the market. These individuals develop projects to assist with achieving company goals and communicate regularly with company executives on their outcomes. This role has seen a 14% increase in job growth this year.


Controllers are responsible for maintaining a company’s financial well being. They regularly develop financial strategies to help companies achieve their financial goals by developing budgets, and managing employee payroll and payroll schedules. This role has had a 17% increase in job growth this year.

Risk Analyst

Risk Analysts help company leaders understand the financial amplifications and risks of certain business decisions. These professionals use analytical software to help make financial decisions, and regularly evaluate company financial records. This position has seen a 17% increase in job growth this year. 


A treasurer handles a company’s financial activity and adheres to legal accounting policies. They approve expenses and budgets, along with collecting all business receipts and keeping record of company expenses. This job has had a 17% increase in job growth this year. 

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*This article is based on month-over-month growth from the Greenwich.HR dataset as of October 2022.