Key Takeaways:

  • Job postings for various roles in IT are on the rise.
  • IT Management roles are the most in demand.
  • Companies will have to compete for the best tech talent and seek individuals with specific skill sets to fill their roles.

Jobs in the IT (information technology) industry are at an all time high. The tech world has been the fastest evolving industry to date, booming at an incredible rate over the last 40 years. Tech moguls alike are all in search of premium talent to join their teams. So, what jobs are currently in demand? Check out our list of the top 5 roles in IT below to find out how our data can help you keep up with the competition and find the most skilled workers. 

  1. Information Technology Director

According to our data the demand for IT Directors has increased by 49%. IT Directors are responsible for managing, organizing, strategizing, and executing all aspects of the IT infrastructure. It is important to seek out individuals with great leadership, technical, and business skills. 

  1. Information Security

Cybersecurity has seen an exponential amount of growth in the last decade. Information Security Specialists are highly trained and skilled members of an IT team that are responsible for all cybersecurity measures in place for a company. Recently, jobs for Information Security Specialists have increased by 39%. Recruiters should seek talent with excellent problem solving, communication, and ethical hacking skills. 

  1. Information Technology Manager

Frequently second in command to the IT Director, the IT Manager oversees all computing processes within a company. These individuals primarily have great coordinating, organization, and strategic thinking skills. According to our data, there has been a 34% increase in this role.

  1. Help Desk Representative 

This role has had a 33% increase this month. Help desk representatives provide client support through face-to-face, video call, phone call, or online chat interactions. The ideal candidate for this role would be an excellent communicator, customer-centric, and has extensive knowledge on PC repair and network management. 

  1. Data Architect 

Data Architects are specialists with specific skill sets in data systems, and set policies for how data can be accessed and stored. The role has seen a 28% increase in the tech world. For this specific role it is important to recruit talent with applied mathematical, statistical, creative, and analytical skills. 

The demand for various IT roles continues to increase monthly. Many organizations are ready to hire now, and find the right fit and fill their open vacancies. Are you hiring for any of the top 5 roles in IT? Do you know what roles your competitors are filling and what they are paying for top skills? You might need future-looking pay benchmarking data that can help you predict the future of pay and level of demand for top roles. 

Greenwich.HR has the real-time pay data you need to predict the future of pay and keep up with the competition in this hyper-competitive labor market. Want to learn more? Get in touch today!

*This article is based on month-over-month growth from the Greenwich.HR dataset as of January 2022