WageScape and PivotCX are pleased to announce we have joined forces to create a powerful solution that provides PivotCX customers with the insights companies need to attract and retain talent. Recruiters will be empowered with real-time insights regarding compensation for any job in any market they are recruiting. Pay Transparency, is crucial, and Recruiting Teams not only need to find the right talent, but also be in the know when it comes to the competition and their pay.  All readers of the PivotCX “Recruiter Chronicles” are entitled to an exclusive offer.

Click here to indicate your interest in learning more about the PivotCX – WageScape offering, and you will be able to access the power of WageScape for a free seven-day trial. 

About PivotCX

PivotCX will make life easier for recruiters and HR professionals and help empower them to make hires more easily while also improving employee communication. PivotCX strives to improve the recruiter and HR experience with their all-in-one communications hub.

About WageScape

WageScape is the most trusted source of labor market intelligence and offers the world’s most extensive, real-time labor market data set, tracking over 24 million new jobs each month, across all industries. This includes data on hiring demand, pay levels, access to labor and key skills requirements for over 9.8 million organizations and counting.